Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles VI

Today we got to church early. We were a little nervous that a parade route would go right in front of the church, which would be convenient for watching but hellacious for departing. We hoped to see the parade but not get stuck in traffic. More on that at the end of the blog.

After turning on the lights and TV, we settled in for the 8 a.m. liturgy. A different family (who also had two boys) joined us this week. They got along with Jacob fairly well. Jacob got into a conversation with one of them about the little rug squares that we use for kneeling. I couldn't quite follow, but Jacob was explaining some situation where the boy would get a time out. His warning wasn't a threat but more like friendly advice.

Lucy tried to play hide and seek in spite of the paucity of good hiding spots. And in spite of us not participating. The game ended quickly but without hard feelings on either side. She is definitely becoming more mobile. Walking can't be far away. She didn't flirt with the boys and they didn't flirt with her. She was only minimally distracting this week.

Unfortunately, Jacob was having his conversation during the homily, so I did not glean much from it. The gospel was Jesus sending out the 72 disciples to prepare the towns for his coming. Father talked about not being attached to material things. Instead, we should be ready to witness to Jesus's message. We are the new disciples who need to carry on the mission given 2000 years ago. I wish I had paid attention to more. Maybe I should start reading a commentary on the gospels.

After Mass, Jacob insisted that we go to play on the church's playground. Surely he will ask again next week. While there, we watched cars exiting without any problems. We figured the parade route was somewhere else.

With a little driving, we discovered a corner of the parade route. We watched as long as Jacob could stand it, which must have been 20-30 minutes. A pretty long attention span for him. See our pictures here.

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