Saturday, March 6, 2010

Latest Obsessions

On our previously mentioned trip to the library, Jacob found a book that he fell in love with, so we brought it home with us. The book is My First Things That Go, which features a multitude of transportation options from toy cars to aircraft carriers and hot air balloons, as you might guess from the cover:

It seemed like a harmless enough book in the library. Now that it is home, it is practically the only book he wants to read. In fact, he likes to read it again as soon as he finishes it. Angie accused me of sabotaging her by getting the book on a Friday and having Jacob read it with her all weekend long. All I can say is I'm also having to read it again and again, so I won't be renewing this one. Good thing we didn't find it in a book store!

Jacob's other big obsession right now is a YouTube video which he watches repeatedly if he can get away with it. He calls it the "funny video" and it is pretty funny. In fact, it has a lot more replayability than the book has rereadability. Here's the video:

I do enjoy this video. Like any great work, it does reward multiple viewings. On the next (dozen or so) viewings, I plan to look for where they hid the camera's tracks or how they moved it around the extensive set. One sign of overexposure is that I am beginning to sing the song to myself. I'm not burning out on this video because Jacob watches another video of the same song with the Notre Dame marching band, which he naturally calls, "Marching band!" This video is also entertaining but not as rewatchable. If you must see it, I'm sad to report that the embed link on YouTube says
"Embedding disabled by request." Click here to see it on YouTube. If you watch, clearly one of the things that attracts Jacob is the prominence of the drums.

I wonder what Jacob's next obsession will be...

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