Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best Kept Secret at the Library

Starting this month, our local branch of the Howard County Public Library is giving away a free cookie and a cup of coffee on the first Friday of the month if you take out at least three items. The only trick is that they are doing this from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., so you have to go during the day. Jacob, Lucy and I went yesterday morning to check out some items and check out some cookies too.

We went through our usual routine for visiting the library: we returned some items at the front desk. I looked around to see where the set up for the goodies was but did not spot a coffee pot or a plate of cookies. No worries, I thought, as we headed off to the children's section. They've got a little "log cabin" area where toddlers and infants can hang out, play with toys and be a little noisier. Jacob and I picked out a new puzzle and some books, while Lucy stared at anyone she could see from her stroller. We read some other books too. Finally it was time to go.

We went back to the front desk to check out our books. Encouraged by the fact that five or six different flyers were posted on the check out desk, I asked about the cookies. The librarian behind the desk blinked and didn't know what to say. When I pointed out the signs, she said yes that is today but they hadn't been told anything about it. She went to the information desk to find out more.

Another librarian at the front desk told me that one of the volunteers sometimes brings in baked treats for the staff. That was encouraging news, because I was worried it might be vanilla wafers and yesterday's leftover coffee. She was surprised that no one had told them about it. I was surprised that I was the first to ask about it since it was already 11:45. The first librarian returned to report that we could get our treats at the information desk. We went and took only the cookie, since neither Jacob, Lucy or I drink coffee. The cookie was a home-made, crisp and delicious chocolate chip cookie. Jacob and I enjoyed it. Lucy will have to produce some more teeth if she wants to join in the fun next month.

And I certainly hope next month they tell the front desk workers that there are free cookies for library patrons!

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