Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy News (not just that there's a new post)

There's been a substantial delay in posting, but I believe that I have an excuse for my absence.

Last Saturday my wife and I went to a cookout at our friends' home. A couple hours after we got home, Angie said it was time to go to the hospital to deliver the baby. The baby was due the Thursday before, so she wasn't too late in coming. After a long night of not really sleeping, baby Lucy Beatrice Reninger was born at 5:44 a.m.! Everything went very well (much faster than Jacob's birth). I had to wait around to call the family to let them know the good news, because it was Sunday morning and I didn't want to wake them up too early. Angie and I are definitely aware of and respectful towards getting enough sleep.

Plenty of pictures are posted over on Facebook here and here. We need to break out the video camera and get some good footage of our new girl.

The other excuse is that I have an ear infection since last week (it's older than Lucy by a day or two) which is only just starting to clear up. So sleep has definitely been an issue for me in more ways than one.

Well, Jacob just woke up so that is the end of this blog post. More later!

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  1. No excuses! Haha... Thanks for posting -- finally. Glad to see the new Facebook pics!