Monday, June 29, 2009

A good day with the family

We've started week two of being a family with two children. We ran some errands, got good naps, had some fun and ate well too!

After breakfast we got ready and went on a family excursion to our local Target to get some needed household items. Unfortunately we mislaid our list of things to get. Fortunately sleepless brain syndrome is wearing off (or we are becoming immune) because we remembered everything on our list. The only thing they didn't have was a dehumidifier for the basement. We wound up going to Best Buy nearby to get one. After bringing it home, we realize we might need something bigger for our basement, which is pretty big and has overwhelmed our current dehumidifier.

We also bought gas for the first time for the van. Wow, that was pricey. By the way, Jacob insists that our van is a truck. He keeps calling it "truck" or "re' truck" (since it is red). I think he is trying to reassure me that I won't turn into a soccer mom. Not that there's anything wrong with being a soccer mom, it's just not me.

In the afternoon we took Jacob and Lucy to a local park that Jacob hasn't played in yet. We took a stroller for each child. Jacob started pushing his empty stroller but wound up push Lucy's. He pushed her stroller in Target too. What a nice brother he is! Hopefully, he'll stay that way. So far there hasn't been any sibling violence, intentional or not.

At the park, Jacob rode on a see-saw for the first time. He treated it like a drum. He also rode on a merry-go-round, which he also treated like a drum. The cool thing he did was to get onto the riding panda all by himself a few times. One time he threw his leg over with too much enthusiasm and landed on the other side, but he was okay. And yes, he did use the panda's head for a little drumming.

We come home and mommy and daddy napped in shifts and then we had lovely carbonara for dinner. Jacob loves to feed himself pasta. Watching him stuff his face with noodles and then slowly suck them up is pretty hilarious. We'll have to catch it on video someday. If we can ever tape him without him knowing. He is a ham for the camera.

I hope tomorrow is just as good. We'll probably go to the library and maybe some grocery shopping. I should check and see if there is story time tomorrow. It would be Lucy's first!

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