Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cry Room Chronicles LXIX

Lent has started! I need to get back on the ball for this blog series. We went to our usual 9 a.m. Mass though Jacob did not go for his usual pre-Mass potty break. Lucy almost went to children's liturgy but changed her mind at the last second. We were all in the church for the whole Mass.

Things went pretty well. Jacob did plenty of singing, praying, and responding. I was proud of him. Lucy was well behaved--no shoes came off, no walks in the aisle, no wrestling. She even talked quietly during the Mass. Mommy did a great job keeping Lucy distracted.

The kids put their coins in the collection basket and did the sign of peace with no problems. Lucy wanted to walk up at communion time but changed her mind halfway up the aisle. That was fine with me, I don't mind carrying her. We didn't light candles after Mass but did go for snack time.

Snack time was fairly uneventful. We didn't see any of the regular people we hang out with. We sat by ourselves. Jacob just wandered around, he didn't want a cookie or a drink! Lucy had a little chocolate rice crispy muffin that had two candies that looked like little eggs. It looked like a little nest. Very cute!

Father's homily was mostly taken over by the announcement of our Lenten project, raising money for the Presentation Sisters in Pemba, Zambia. They want to provide permanent housing for eight families.  The families currently live in mud huts that collapse during the rainy season. The huts are rebuilt at the end of the season. The sisters want to build houses that won't need rebuilding. The goal is £15,000. We'll have to bring some extra money next week!

Check out this fun activity from the kids' activity page at church:

Please don't draw on your monitor!

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