Monday, June 6, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XLIV

Yesterday we got an early start so we were able to go to our favorite 8 a.m. Mass. We arrived just about on time, so Lucy and I went to get seats while Jacob and Mommy went to the potty.

The early Mass  had an organist and a flautist who seemed to be practicing the music, perhaps for a later Mass. She played very quietly. I only noticed her because we were sitting in front of them. Since Mass had already started, no open pews were available. Lucy and I got in a pew where just one lady was on the end. She moved to the middle. She and Lucy shared smiles with each other quite often.

Things went smoothly till the homily, when Lucy started to get antsy and, more impactfully, noisy. We decided about half way through to head to the children's chapel. It was empty, so Jacob turned on the light and I turned on the TV. Lucy immediately decided she needed a diaper change. I changed her almost dry diaper.

Lucy did her usual wandering and handing out of rosaries and books. Jacob sat in Mommy's lap most of the time. He was barely interested in the sign of peace and we had no collection. By the time we went upstairs for communion, Jacob was ready to go. We received without any problems. I had anticipated we'd stay upstairs so I brought the diaper bag up with us. After communion, we stayed in the vestibule. Jacob discovered a new rack with pamphlets and CDs. He wanted to get some, so he told me the prices. I'm not sure if Mommy told him or he really did read them off the sign. We picked up a couple of pamphlets for 50 cents each.

We saw special Bryan and got to talk to him. After Mass was over, we headed off to the playground where we met up with Timmy, Kim, and Luke. We chatted with them. They too are moving at the end of the month, but only two blocks. We are moving to England and are getting close to the departure. Only two more Sundays until we are going to church in England! I can't believe how fast time is flying.

Did I say Lucy was really chatty during the homily? And we went to the cry room? I hope for better luck next week.

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