Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cry Room Chronicles XLII

Everyone got up early today, so we went to 8 a.m. Mass. We made it there just barely in time. Jacob wanted Daddy to take him to the potty, so off we went as the entrance hymn was sung. Jacob took his time finishing. By the time we left the bathroom, we heard the Gloria being sung. We headed downstairs to the children's chapel at Jacob's request.

We were the first ones there, but our friends James, Collin, little sibling, and their parents came in shortly afterward. After about five minutes, Jacob decided he needed a diaper because he was about to poop. So he went into the chapel bathroom with Mommy. When he came out Lucy insisted she needed a diaper change from Mommy, so they both went back in.

Jacob was very low energy today, mostly from getting up too early. He stood by me and then cuddled with Mommy once she came back out. Lucy was bouncing around as usual, handing out and then collecting rosaries and books.

Mass was pretty uneventful for us. No ushers came to collect the offertory. Jacob did pray the Our Father with us and both children gave the sign of peace. Lucy was reluctant to shake hands with the other boys (maybe playing hard to get?) and was very ready to head upstairs for communion. Jacob kept asking to go outside. Mommy figured it would be a good weekend to go to communion separately. She got in line immediately once we were upstairs while I handed coins to Jacob and Lucy for the poor box. Unfortunately, most of the coins went in the book shelf box. Oh well!

After communion, we did see our friend Special Bryan who ushers at the early Mass. Catching up with him was fun. Jacob finally pooped and insisted on Mommy changing the diaper upstairs. Lucy and I went back to the children's chapel to get our diaper bag. Once he was all clean, Mass was long over. We wound up taking a secret back way to the playground. Again, we forgot to light candles at the end of Mass! I'll take the kids during the week for a special visit.

Father started the homily off with the announcement that the world did not end yesterday. Nor would it end today or next week--the Mass schedule is completely unaffected. From there, he talked about the idea of predestination, where God already knows who is going to make it to Heaven. Therefore, He knows who won't make it. John Calvin and similar Protestants assumed if you can figure out how to be in the "saved" group, then you don't have to worry. Calvin's solution was to say there's no way to achieve salvation by any action or choice, because God has predetermined through His mercy who will be saved. If you believe what Calvin does (i.e. you are in Calvin's church) you're most likely saved. The problem with this system is that we do have the free will to accept or reject the mercy of the Lord. And our actions and behavior are signs of that mercy and His grace working through us. God does foresee (being eternal and omniscient) who will accept His grace and mercy, but He doesn't cause their choices in life. Help us to always choose according to Your will, Lord!

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