Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cry Room Chronicles XXIII

This week Lucy got up late as usual for 8 a.m. Mass. That was okay, since Aunt Maryellen and cousin Autumn were in town to make Christmas cookies and left early this morning. We are definitely confirmed 9:30 Mass goers.

We are also confirmed "start in the church, go to the children's chapel" people. We figure that each time we will stay a little longer in the church, eventually attending the whole liturgy in the main church. This week we made it into the first few minutes of the homily. Jacob started asking to go to the "reading room" just before the gospel, but it wasn't until Lucy got really antsy too that we retreated downstairs to the children's chapel.

The crowd wasn't very big down there: a mom and dad with two children, a dad with his daughter. The daughter was a bit of a wanderer. She tried to follow the usher with the collection basket out of the children's chapel, but luckily the door shut before she got to it. Otherwise she was pretty quiet. Jacob read his usual books; Lucy walked around some but not too much.

Eventually Jacob decided he wanted to go potty. Lucy started to throw a fit when he headed to the bathroom with mommy, so I volunteered to help Jacob. Lucy was satisfied. Jacob did a great job peeing and washing his hands. Once he was done, it was time to go upstairs for communion.

In the narthex, both Jacob and Lucy decided to put their coins in the box for buying books off the bookshelf, so we must have another $1.23 toward a book. Jacob ran his hand over the end of every pew as we walked up and as we walked back from receiving the Eucharist. He'd had his fill of the musicians before, so we headed straight back to the children's chapel.

A cold and rainy December morning meant no going to the church playground. That's probably out for quite a while until we travel to a warmer climate.

We missed most of the homily, but we probably didn't miss much. The guest homilist was a nun from the diocese who coordinates with religious orders in the diocese. There was a second collection for religious orders, so I assume she was pitching the value of what they do to encourage donations. I didn't quite follow the bits I heard and I fear I didn't miss much.

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