Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucy's New Accomplishments!

Lucy is starting to make big strides in growing up.

First, she's improving her eating. A month and a half ago, she started eating Cheerios (while flying to Minnesota). Feeding them to her has been lots of fun. Not just for her parents, either: aunts, godparents and even Jacob have gotten some Cheerios in her mouth. About a month ago, she learned to pick up Cheerios, which she would drop or throw in any direction other than her face. This week, she has put two and two together and wound up with a mouthful of toasted oat goodness. She is quite proud of this accomplishment:

At least, I think that's pride. Or it might be making an effort to fill her diaper.

She's also upped the ante on the tooth market, debuting number three:

With the off-set tooth on top, we aren't sure if she's going for the vampire look or the hockey player look. We are sure that she's very cute.

Another development: her mobility is increasing at an alarming rate. She is crawling quite fast. She can pull herself up to standing on furniture, gates and railing. She's starting to cruise around furniture from this standing position. Right now she's rather wobbly, but she is practicing every day. No doubt she will be walking independently soon. Far too soon!

Jacob is starting to worry that Lucy is taking all the attention. But he is too cool to throw in the towel yet:

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  1. very cute! Thank you for the post.