Monday, August 24, 2009

Jacob's problem solving prowess

Jacob's problem solving skills have reached new heights lately. He's starting to solve some problems like Alexander solved the Gordian Knot.

We were at play group a couple of weeks ago. Jacob was playing with a shape sorter. Some of the shapes were a little tight going through the appropriate holes in the lid. Jacob came up with an excellent solution for getting the shapes into the sorter. He took the lid off of the shape sorter. Everything fit quite easily then.

Jacob also has a magnetic fishing puzzle from the library. Usually when he plays with it, he uses the magnetic fishing pole (which he calls a drum stick, because everything is either a drum or a drum stick) to pick the fish out of the puzzle and put them on the side. One day he came up with a solution that would make Alexander the Great proud. Jacob picked up the puzzle board and turned it over. Presto! All of the fish were out of the puzzle instantly. He had the quickest time ever solving the puzzle. I wonder if we can submit that for recognition somewhere.

I hope he will apply these skills to other problems, like faster lawn mowing, efficient bill paying, the war on terror.

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